Pre-Demolition Checklist

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Pre-Demolition Checklist

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1. Obtain a Quote and Select Your Demolisher – Request a quote using our online form or call 07 5476 2211. Your quote should always be free of charge. Our comprehensive quotes are emailed to you at no cost. If comparing us with other firms, ask to see their licenses and insurances. Some companies (like us) supply these in their quotation package automatically. Generally we can email a quote within 48 hours. Feel free to call us with any questions.

2. Read & Accept the Quote including the Terms and Conditions – complete & sign the acceptance form included in your quote package & call our office then send the form to us.

3. Demolition Permit – You must obtain a Demolition Permit, these can be obtained through your local Council, your selected Builder (if re-building) or one of many local Private Certifiers available.

4. Power Disconnection WELL IN ADVANCE – With so many different power providers, the disconnection process can take many weeks to achieve. You should contact your provider and give them as much notice as possible of your pending date of Demolition. You must mention to them this is to be a “Demolition Disconnection” as the power supply needs to be removed from the dwelling completely. Some builders may wish to relocate the supply to a “builder’s pole”, discuss this with your builder as it could be a more cost efficient alternative.

5. Water Disconnection – Our Company will take care of the water as we need a supply for the Demolition process and for the safe removal of any A.C.M (Asbestos Containing Material) that may be present.

6. Re-direct or Cancel your Mail – Remember this takes at least 3 working days after form submission to take effect. PLUS Cancel your newspapers or product subscriptions – these are sometimes couriered by carriers other than Australia Post.

7. Tell your neighbours – This is common courtesy and can prevent last minute issues. Although technically it does not involve them, many people are calmer about an event like this with forewarning. Explain to your neighbours that we will also introduce ourselves to them before we commence for their peace of mind.

Now…Sit back…Relax…Leave the Demolition to us…


Call 07 5476 2211

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