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Use our FREE HANDY Pre-Demolition Checklist to navigate your way through planning your Demolition.

To remove more than 10m2 of Asbestos Containing Material you need a “B” class Asbestos removal licence. If you have less, and wish to remove it yourself, you should be extremely cautious. Asbestos poses a health risk during removal, packaging, transport and disposal, so it is very important to handle it safely. Seek professional advice. Note we do not provide Asbestos Removal services unless as part of a part or whole Demolition.

Check with your local council or authority as to their regulations for disposal, as some waste stations are not approved to receive Asbestos waste.

Friable Asbestos is extremely dangerous and must only be removed by an “A” class removalist. The health risks associated with this type of material are far greater than of bonded Asbestos material.

Once we start a typical house Demolition can take as little as 3 days. We work from the top down initially by hand to minimise damage and disturbance to materials. Read more about the Demolition Process here.

YES you can. We understand that if you are planning an extension you may need an old redundant part of the dwelling removed. Or that in order to build a new bathroom you may need the old bathroom demolished. Contact us to enquire.

YES you can. However you must let us know at the time we are preparing your quote. We may need to work around something or use different equipment to keep your item for you.

YES you should! Remember Australia Post takes 3 working days after form submission to effect a mail redirection or cancellation. AND don’t forget your catalogs or subscriptions which may be delivered by courier.

Cancelling your power can take weeks so make an early start on this and be sure to let your power supplier know it is a Demolition Cancellation. We will take care of the water as we may need access to water particularly if we need to correctly handle Asbestos during your Demolition. All sewer systems should be capped and this is usually a condition of your Demolition Permit. Find more detail about this in our FREE HANDY Pre-Demolition Checklist.

Let your neighbours know that you will be having Demolition work done by a professional Demolition Contractor. Also let them know that Allcoast Group will visit them if they are home when we arrive on site to let them know we are about to commence.

When you choose Allcoast Group Demolition Contractors, whether for commercial or residential Demolition, you can rest assured that our twenty years of experience here on the coast in Queensland will ensure your Demolition goes as smoothly and as quickly as possible.

Your local authority (typically Council) or Private Building Certifier will be able to assist with your Demolition Permit.

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