About Us

Twenty Years in Demolition

Allcoast Group was founded by the Pregnell family, who have lived on the Sunshine Coast for more than twenty years. Our MD Steve Pregnell is a family man, a father of four, with an unmatched understanding of the residential and commercial priorities associated with Demolition.

Over the last two decades Steve has established Allcoast Group’s fleet of equipment, vehicles, and built his team. Together his team has implemented strong administration, technical and regulatory processes so that today the team can comfortably say:

Our service is unequalled – fast comprehensive quotes

Our work ethic is unmatched & steadfastly compliant

We are arguably the largest Demolition Company on the Sunshine Coast

We stay current with the ever changing regulations and by-laws


Demolition is the main core of our business with, of course, considerations and appropriate handling of contaminants such as Asbestos playing a substantial role in this.

We have the People, the Vehicles, the Plant & Machinery,

the Licenses & the Experience you need.

During a recent interview MD Steve Pregnell summed it up perfectly:

“Demolition is more than a ‘knock em down and drag it away’ business. It’s about working with real people who have real concerns about their property and also the environment, their neighbours, the safety element, and of course, the price imposed on them for the demolition project. Since the beginning we have worked with private home owners, builders and developers alike on time-sensitive demolitions that more often than not involve asbestos removal as well. We have developed a Code of Conduct that has been built on respect and professionalism, backed by years of experience, current licences, accreditations and full comprehensive insurances.”

“No job is too small (we do part demolitions), too large (we demolish shopping centres), or too complex (we specialise in renovation and refurbishment work) for us to handle efficiently, on time, and for the right price.”

“Builders and Developers alike want a site cleared professionally, safely, and quickly, with the ground prepared for them to start work. And they want it done on time to avoid penalties. Private home owners just want the demolition done with the least bother. We satisfy all these needs and expectations every day so if considering a demolition it’s best to contact us first.”
Steve Pregnell 2016


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